Creativity is not just about the arts, it’s about a way of seeing, feeling and being. It’s about bringing your curiosity to everyday life. 

WHO ARE WE? We're Laura and Sharmishtha, a colourful mix of coach and facilitator, scientist and artist, corporate and academic. We're passionate about giving you an inspiring space where you'll make discoveries, feel free, and get going on your ideas right away. We believe women need to be taking a more proactive role in imagining and creating a brighter future. Our coaching and creativity tools are specifically designed to help you reset & refresh by connecting with the power of curiosity.

Sharmishtha Dattagupta, Ph.D., is a trained coach and facilitator who works holistically. She brings her strong connection with nature, her many years of mindfulness practice, and her sharp analytic mind, well-honed from over 20 years of working as a scientist and academic, to her coaching practice. Born in India and having lived in the US and Germany, cultural competence comes naturally to her. Read more at Sharmishtha's website Dãna Coaching.

Laura Carmichael brings together skills from 25 years in the performing arts with 15 years as a corporate trainer in leadership and communication. She grew up in the US and now lives in Amsterdam where she is on the faculty at THNK, School for Creative Leadership and Innovation. She has also worked as a trainer at the Royal Tropical Institute for Intercultural Management, and as a senior trainer at Executive Performance Training. Read more at Laura's website Serious-Play. 

"This is deep and practical work."

"This workshop, even short, was so powerful. The exercises were spot on, and fun! I really believe that good coaching is fun and enjoyable. I didn't say easy, because stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy. But let's be honest, it's thrilling. I've been working on a book for months's slow and frustrating, and then exciting, and then scary. It's not easy to coach me, because I know a lot of “tricks.” But this workshop, wow. It was different than the same old recipes, blueprints, strategies. This is deep and practical work. My favorite combination! If you can make it, then you really should."

Marie-Louise Corompt, social entrepreneur, nutritionist, coach, France; participant "Get Unstuck" workshop

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