Creativity is not just about the arts, it’s about a way of seeing, feeling and being. It’s about bringing your curiosity to everyday life.


you want to follow through on your ideas and make a bigger difference

you want to voice yourself louder and clearer

you'd love to tap into your uniqueness and do bolder work

in other words…

you're ready to shine in the FULL spectrum of your true colours


clarity on your unique creative contribution

the capacity to embrace uncertainty in times of change

a strong connection with your creative genius to guide you forward

the ability to express yourself with confidence & grace

the courage to get going on your ideas & start making things right away

powerful tools you can apply in everyday life


time and space to focus and work on your ideas with support

be fully YOU for two and a half days to emerge grounded, refreshed & confident in your unique creative contribution

our coaching and creativity tools are specifically designed to help you get clear, be clear, and stay clear via the power of curiosity


be outside in nature: refresh your creativity through mindfulness and perception exercises in the forest

move your body: make some noise and move, and get your body supporting your message

let go and get unstuck: improvise, surprise yourself, generate fresh ideas coming from intuition and improvisation


get clear: do guided exercises to clarify what you truly want to create and get going on it right away

feel safe to be vulnerable: have the space to express fears and desires you rarely talk about, while being listened to with attention and respect

experience a "bigger" you: receive voice training to support your unique point of view with power


learn life-changing tools: go home with methods to trigger your creativity at will and to give you courage to create

evolve a creative mindset: shift your mindset to embrace creativity in everyday life and express your ideas with clarity & confidence 

connect with like-minded women: make potentially life-long "power partnerships" that'll champion your creativity more than most friendships can



 The weekend of August 25 – 27, 2017 (starting at 14:00 on Friday, ending at 16:00 on Sunday)


The Ebersberg Seminar Hotel, which offers organic food & wellness in an historic mansion house, located in the lush forest outside Kassel, Germany. Vegan, gluten- and lactose-free meals are available based on prior request. The building and rooms are also wheelchair accessible. 

historic mission house

comfortable private rooms

fresh, inspiring work space


We work in English but can offer on-the-spot translation in German, Dutch & Hindi. We're happy to modify any exercises to make them accessible for people with disabilities.


exclusive group of 14 women


675€ per person regular price plus a few discounted spots for €525 – limited number of places. You may also request to pay in installments; please add your request in the notes of the application.

all inclusive: meals, accommodation, program


10% discount on up to three follow-up, online one-on-one coaching sessions with either Laura or Sharmishtha 


We're curating a select group of women for this retreat. Selection is by application only. Please tell us more about yourself and your reasons for wishing to join in the application form

Last day to apply is 11 August 2017


We're Laura and Sharmishtha, a colourful mix of coach and facilitator, science and art, corporate and academic. We're passionate about giving you an inspiring space where you'll make discoveries, feel free, and get going on your ideas right away. We believe women need to be taking a more proactive role in imagining and creating a brighter future. Our coaching and creativity tools are specifically designed to help you reset & refresh by connecting with the power of curiosity.

 Sharmistha specializes in "inner work" – self-awareness & manifesting clarity from the inside

 Laura specializes in "outer work" – getting your ideas out & expressing them clearly

 Together we synergise to support your future impact – the brilliance of your creative contribution

Laura Carmichael brings together skills from 25 years in the performing arts with 15 years as a corporate trainer in leadership and communication. She grew up in the US and now lives in Amsterdam where she is on the faculty at THNK, School for Creative Leadership and Innovation. She has also worked as a trainer at the Royal Tropical Institute for Intercultural Management, and as a senior trainer at Executive Performance Training. Read more at Laura's website Serious-Play

"Although I’ve always considered myself creative, and have lived a life as a professional musician performing at a very high level, I knew I was still holding back from creating my own work, from composing and creating performances with a meaning I didn’t find elsewhere. Many people considered me ‘successful,’ having done things like playing in the Berlin Philharmonie and lecturing at Harvard. Yet, I got stuck in proving – proving my worthiness according to someone else’s standards, and that meant doing someone else's work instead of my own. It was exhausting. Though I considered myself a rebel, an artist and a free thinker, I was still playing it safe! For years I’d been using my skills from the performing arts to help people in the corporate world learn to communicate better, I’d studied meditation and various body-mind systems for performance. But I still hadn’t finished my solo CD. I was stuck, and my output was stagnating. Finally I got fed up, and decided something had to change. I started asking for help, instead of feeling that I had to look brilliant all the time; I started building community, and learning. These were turning points, not one big shift, but a series of moves over time. Then I became a parent, and a lot of things that used to matter just didn’t anymore. My partner developed chronic pain, on top of already being 90% blind. Exhaustion took on another meaning. There really wasn’t time, so it seemed. But I didn’t give up on my own visions – and my visions began to shift and expand. It’s not a pure linear improvement, sometimes I still swirl in doubt, but now with support systems and techniques I can apply on myself, I’m able to get back on track faster, keep motivated and stay brave. It’s not a solo project. I see that the voices of many women are needed in the world. I do what I do not only for myself, but because I believe that when we all become active creators in everyday life, rather than passive consumers, we can have a huge impact."

Sharmishtha Dattagupta, Ph.D., is a trained coach and facilitator who works holistically; she brings her strong connection with nature, her many years of mindfulness practice, and her sharp analytic mind, well-honed from over 20 years of working as a scientist and academic, to her coaching practice. Born in India and having lived in the US and Germany, cultural competence comes naturally to her. Read more at Sharmishtha's website Dãna Coaching.

"I spent many years of my life believing I was not a creative person…it was my sister who was the painter and musician, and I was the scientist. I also suffered from more than 10 years of post-traumatic depression, which I covered up by focusing on achievement. Although I was highly successful in my academic career, and ended up as an assistant professor at an acclaimed university in Germany, I still felt hollow inside. It was only after I did my first 10-day silent meditation retreat that the real me started to emerge. I started noticing how much I longed to make a contribution: to help others express their full potential, to support people in villages in India bring their immense talent into this world, and to heal the environment with more sustainable solutions. It took a giant leap of faith to leave my professor job and become a freelance coach and social entrepreneur, and I couldn't have done it without my meditation practice, my support system of friends, coaches, and therapists, and all the tools I learnt in various courses I took. Today, I'm cured of my depression, and able to really stand behind the wildest of my ideas, to making a deeply fulfilling contribution to everything I care about, and lead a life from inside out rather than influenced by external expectations and pressures. I have even started singing and painting, though I no longer consider that the main aspect of creativity. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to share what I’ve learnt with other women, and to see them shine. That's why I'm so excited about the True Colours retreat!"


"Laura's workshop was an eye-popping, holy-Jesus serendipitous epiphany"

"Post-workshop, I felt energized, relaxed, open to new opportunities and importantly, able to see many multiple paths for moving forward with my professional endeavors. Life didn’t feel stuck or daunting. It felt more alive with possibilities that were most definitely in my reach. 

If you want to experience a different way or thinking; a different way of being, go take Laura’s workshop. It’s as simple as that." 

– Kate Gaertner, CEO/Founder of OMALA LLC, a sustainable women's activewear lifestyle company

"Sharmishtha's nature retreat was an unrivalled experience!"

"Being in nature combined with coaching resonated perfectly with me. I very much appreciated Sharmishtha's intuitive work, her openness to adjust the schedule to our needs, and the impulses she gave, which were crucial for getting in touch with different aspects of myself. Our individual coaching session clarified a smouldering topic, and her way of careful listening, being present, and asking the right questions helped me uncover my next steps to an authentic life.”

– Participant of nature retreat in the Himalayas "Journey to your authentic life"

Come make a splash! We'd LOVE to see you shine in your true colours. 

Last Day to Apply is 11 August 2017 

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